Welcome to Kyalami Ridge Creche & Preschool

Welcome to a nursery school in Midrand. We cater for daycare from 5 months to Grade R.


Explore - Dream - Discover

Mark Twain

Our Mission:

"Every Child is a gift and every child has a gift regardless of who they are"

During the pre-primary years children begin to develop their basic skills. In the whimsical world of a child it is important that they learn through discovery & self-exploration. It is so these children can grow and develop in their own unique ways that we have specifically adopted a 'learn-through-play' approach to education.

We see formal structured schooling as detrimental to a child's development and instead, children learn through play by engaging in weekly themes, arts & crafts, singing & movement, educational games, emergent mathematics / science, and fantasy play. We also have a farm yard behind the school where the children are taken on guided trails to explore nature.



Play - Learn - Succeed

Kyalami Ridge Creche & Preschool

Our Goals:

  • To create a stimulating environment which will entice the child to take part with enthusiasm 
  • To plan the learning situation well.
  • To be enthusiastically involved and take the lead in initiating new trends.
  • Not to stereo type a child, but allow the child to develop, think freely and openly.
  • To set new goals continually goals within the child's capabilities.
  • To be aware of the needs of every individual child as they come from a variety of different environments and situations.
  • Enjoyment will always remain an important component in the Preschool.
  • Play is the medium through which the child develops and learns.