Our Mission Statement


Mark Twain

Every child is a gift and every child has a gift regardless of who they are’

During the preschool years, the child will develop the basic skills he/she will need to start his/her future life.

The parent in conjunction with the preschool plays an extremely important role in the life of the child.  The child’s success will be determined upon the stimulation and love he/she receives during these formative years.


  • To create a stimulating environment which will entice the child to take part with enthusiasm                                                               
  • To plan the learning situation well.
  • To be enthusiastically involved and take the lead in initiating new trends.
  • Not to stereotype a child, but allow the child to develop, think freely and openly.
  • To continually set new goals within the child’s capabilities.
  • To be aware of the needs of every individual child as they come from a variety of different environments and situations.
  • Enjoyment will always remain an important component in the Preschool.
  • Play is the medium through which the child develops and learns.


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