The Founder’s Dream – We are a creche and preschool school in Kyalami, Midrand dedicated to providing reliable daycare for children from 6 months old to Grade R. We aim to offer a well balanced early childhood education within an environment that is like a home away from home. Providing half day and full day care, we are suited for the lifestyle of working moms and dads.

Kyalami Ridge Crèche and Pre-school was created after a lifelong dream to run my own nursery school. As the years went by, the dream only got bigger until September 2010, after months of planning, the school was built and the dream turned into a reality. 

I invite you to have a look at the photos of our School

I have worked as a teacher in many nursery schools for over 20 years and through observing my employers, I realized the kind of principal I envisioned for myself and would one day become. 

Being a kind of person to commit and persevere to accomplish any goal, I realized the clear vision for her school and still strive to align myself and staff to this vision of optimal childcare and child education.  

I realized in the beginning of this journey that I would want to be a hands-on principal. Deeply involved in the details of the daily activities of the children. To know each child by name, and to be intimately aware of the needs of each child so all children in my care would receive the best possible start in their schooling and life.   

With many decades of experience I understood how these early days of a child’s schooling is a crucial time for laying strong foundations for the rest of the child’s life. That by achieving the educational milestones in due course a child has a greater opportunity for success as an adult, however it is imperative the right environment is offered as an educational container for the child to thrive. Therefore it is my personal daily mission to strive to offer a traditional nursery school environment that has the child holistic development as its core.

Kyalami Ridge Crèche and Preschool is not a large institution with millions of backing from shareholders or corporations wanting to make profits at the end of the day, or forcing the issue with the parents in that if you send your child to their school he/she will be guaranteed a space for the duration of his schooling future education.  “Provided that your child excels in his studies”   It is about being true to the child in the child’s world.  Watching the child play, learn, succeed through exploring, dreaming, and discovering.  These large nursery schools with 3 classes per grade, do they really have the children’s interest at heart?    

We do not have an obligation to fill the classes to maximum capacity.  




Kyalami Ridge offers a true child world experience. 

We offer the same quality care and teaching at a significantly cheaper rate than the surrounding larger schools.

Our facilities are also first class and modern. 

We have smaller groups of one class per age group. 

Consider this example: 4 classes of the same age group (18 – 24 children) per group which equals to +- 96 children per age group. Times 96 children x 4 different age groups between 3 years and 6 years.  Imagine +-384 children under the age of 6 years occupying a premises of 7000 sq. metre.     Where does individuality, personal attention and quality care come in?  How many children get lost in this system of education? 

 We don’t put children into uniforms, they are individuals. We allow for self-expression.  If a child wants to dress as Spiderman or a fairy so be it. We allow it.  This builds character and personality. If a child wants to bring their special toy to school we also allow it.

We bake with the children once a week, making scones, biscuits and breads.   We have our farm yard for the children to visit and our own vegetable gardens and fruit trees where they can see the vegetables and fruit grow.  

We provide a wholesome snack and lunch for the children. Most of the vegetables come from our own gardens.   Food is always available in our kitchen for the hungry child.

The children can bring their breakfast to school and eat it in the classrooms before school starts.  We also keep the cereals at school and make breakfast for the children.

We have science classes for our grade 4/5 and Grade R.   

As the owner/principal I enjoy  being present in the school every day and greet each child/parent individually as they come into school and go home each day.

When a child is sad or needs that extra TLC they know they can freely come into the office to the principal for that special attention.  

All our teachers and assistants help build healthy relations and interact with all the children, from babies to Grade R.  This builds unity and fellowship amongst children and staff alike.   

Holiday care and aftercare are included in your tutorial school fees and are not an additional charge like other schools.

Your child’s class teacher is part of the aftercare team so that continuation of communication between parent and teacher, and between teacher and child is not lost when the child goes to aftercare.


So with this passion and love for children in mind we strive to create a Nursery School that the parents and children come to love.  


Sincerely Yours

Barbara Axmann