A truly beautiful school! I run a kids party venue from this school and without fail, every time I have a parent visiting the school they are surprised at the neatness and beauty of the grounds, the convenience of the layout, everything is in line of sight and so safe for the kiddies. I always get a ton a compliments and often hear the photographs of this place do not do it justice! ~ Janine, Kyalami Venue

My son joined the school in August 2016, just at 20 months. He was still a baby. Leaving a child that young can be traumatizing to the child and the parent, as the child doesn’t want to be left with people he doesn’t know. The teachers at school worked tirelessly to make my boy feel comfortable and happy at school. Within 3 weeks my child was loving school and started telling us all about the teacher, the friends he was making and teaching us the songs they sing at school. He always looked forward to baking on Thursdays, year-end concert and other mid-year activities. It was also very comforting knowing that I could call the school to ask how my child was doing, which further helped my husband and I to feel relaxed that he was settling in nicely.



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